This is it, down to the final 24 hours in Minnesota and counting! Last night was happy hour with co-workers at the Chanhassen Legion. Today, it is my final day of work at Microboards. I hear they are throwing me a little going-away party with cake and ice cream this afternoon. I should get home from work pretty early, do some packing, and then head over to the Walshichetti residence for the official going-away BBQ and bonfire with at least 24 confirmed friends.

Tomorrow morning I’ll finish packing the car, grab some breakfast with Lauren, and hit the road to Carpenter, SD where I will have the car tuned up by Dick’s Garage and see off the family. Sunday morning I will depart south on Hwy 81 through central South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas before hopping on I-35 in Wichita. Hopefully I will make it to Oklahoma before having to stop for sleep. Monday morning I’ll finish out my drive and arrive in Austin in the late afternoon, where I will take a look at the final 3 or 4 places I’m considering renting on a short-term basis. If all goes well, I’ll be moved into my new place Monday night and then will have all of Tuesday and Wednesday to get settled in before starting work on Thursday. After two days of work, it’s a long weekend with 4th of July. I haven’t a clue what I’ll do those few days, but I’m sure there will be lots of Austin events going on.

As this is my final day working at MB, I will leave you with this video from 2007.