Hello, everyone.  Today I have a few topics I would like to rant about.

1. Our softball team has too many players!  Perhaps it is my fault for not being the best team manager, but our team’s roster has changed dramatically every game so far this year. On Monday, when we blew a 2-run 7th inning lead in a 6-5 loss, we had 20 people on our side. Some of them were just there to cheer the team on, while others expected to randomly show up and play. I was really hoping that this year’s team would be a very set roster of five males and five females, with one more of each on call as a sub. But now I have the task of trying to either fit everyone into the game or tell some people not to come. I guess it’s better than not having enough players.

2. How come there are so many songs about people staying up all night partying until they see the sunlight? I never make it that long, and neither do hardly any other people I know. I’m usually sound asleep by 1am no matter what. These people like Ke$ha who sing about partying all night and coming home at 7:04am probably didn’t even leave their houses until 11:50pm. What’s the point of that? How are they going to catch up on their sleep? They talk a big game, but there can’t be that many people willing to stay up partying till it’s time for most people to wake up for work. Pick a random afternoon to drink all day and go to bed at a normal time.

3. Why was traffic such a pain on a random sunny Wednesday morning? I’ve driven to work on Monday mornings with snow falling where traffic flowed more smoothly than it did this morning. I don’t care if traffic gets backed up on occasion—living in a metro area of 2.5 million people, that’s going to happen on occasion. I just want to know why it happens when it does. Why today? Is it because a ton of people took long weekends and today is their first day back to work? Is it because a car is stalled in the right-hand lane? What makes it even more confusing is where it happened… right before two lanes expand to four lanes. I can see if it’s four lanes condensing down to two, but traffic should be speeding up at this point, not stopping completely.

4. I desperately need to get a reliable laptop for DJing with my current one on its last legs. To fix this old 2005 laptop’s power source, it will cost $300 according to Geek Squad. They don’t even recommend trying to fix it since it’s so outdated. So I went to Best Buy Monday on break to wander around. I was actually really close to getting a Toshiba laptop, but the salesman talked his way right out of the sale by giving me a big speech on how I must get at least the two-year Best Buy anti-virus software coverage and I must get at least the advanced protection plan. I don’t feel like having to argue with them to have these things excluded, so I walked away.

5. I really have sworn off K102’s Wakeup Crew morning show. A week after this stupid contest that they never awarded a prize for, and I’m still angry with them.  I wasted so much time on that damn contest. I don’t care that I didn’t win, I just wish they would have announced a winner, or even ended the voting. I am finding the new Twin Cities ESPN Radio to be a good alternative for the morning drive.