Friday after work, Lauren was stressed from the past week and needed to relax, and she came up with a good way to unwind.  With extremely pleasant 65-degree weather and clear skies, we pulled a loveseat out on the balcony, swung the TV around so it was pointing outside, grabbed a few beers, and sat outside and watched the Twins vs. Yankees.  Lauren also made her famous super spicy chicken fajita pizza for dinner.  Quite the nice night we had!

Saturday we invited Jason and Patrick over to watch the game.  After the disappointing game, we headed over to the Walsh compound, where a sometimes violent round of the movie game around a bonfire and grilling highlighted our evening.

Sunday I DJ’d my first ever Sunday wedding dance.  My DJ duties also included the ceremony itself.  Since it was the end of the weekend, it wrapped up tidily at 10pm and no one got excessively drunk.  As has been the case quite frequently of late, it was a very interesting couple.  The two met as acrobats in the circus in Africa.  The crowd seemed to be 35% under the age of 10.  The second I opened up the dance to requests, the children swarmed my DJ table.  At one point, someone bumped the table, causing the laptop power cord to come unplugged, thereby shutting down my external hard drive, which cut the music off cold in the middle of K-Ci and JoJo’s “All My Life.”  I worked off of CDs for a while until I could get the computer back up and running.

Also this weekend I tried to be extra healthy.  Friday on break I took a 2.47 mile walk. Saturday I ran 2.63 miles around the Lake of the Isles.  And Sunday I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical machine at the gym.  Of course that was all offset by this one meal.

I lost a bet to Lauren this weekend.  Frustrated with the Twins’ poor play against the Yankees, I bet her the Twins would lose all seven games to the Yankees this season.  She argued that the Twins would win at least once.  The bet was the loser treats the winner to dinner at upscale Nicollet Island Inn sometime soon.  I was happy to be the loser when Jason Kubel hit a go-ahead grand slam off Mariano Rivera Sunday afternoon.

Tonight it’s softball as we try to use last week’s win by forfeit as motivation to actually win for the first time.  But we’ll have to do it without leadoff hitter C. M. Walsh who’s on the road for business.

Lauren watches Twins Yankees on balcony.
Crappy picture, but here's Lauren watching TV from the balcony.