Last night we had a small group outing in Uptown, as Lauren and I met up with Luke, Britt, and her cousin Ashley for dinner at Moto-I (which I reviewed earlier on our food blog!) Moto-I is just a couple blocks from our apartment and is amazingly the only restaurant on the face of the planet outside of Japan that brews its own sake.  That little darling wife of mine treated me and picked up the tab!

Afterwards, we met up with Nick and Liz to go see the Overheard in Minneapolis sketch comedy show at the Intermedia Arts Theater.  Now if you haven’t ever been to the Overheard in Minneapolis website, it’s hilarious.  People submit quotes that they overhear in the Twin Cities.  Liz introduced me to this site in late 2008, and since then we both have submitted our fair share of funny remarks (although I must confess I have violated the rules a time or two and submitted something I said rather than heard).  The idea of this play was the improv actors were given a random OIM quote and then had to create a story based on it.  I didn’t understand this until the whole thing was over… I thought it was scripted, which took away from the experience.  But overall it was funny and a good time.

The gang at the Overheard play
Nick, Lauren, Liz, Britt, and Luke at the theater

Also this week, I got my hopes up very high that I would win third row tickets for the Brooks & Dunn farewell concert tonight at XCel Energy Center.  I entered a Hillbilly photo contest on K102’s website and constantly voted for myself for two days… and then they never so much as revealed the vote totals or the winner.  For all I know they forgot about the stupid contest.  I am now bitter towards the stupid K102 Wakeup Crew.  Yeah Muss and Donna Valentine, I’m talking to you!  I guess I’ll have to listen to Dave Ryan in the morning from now on even though most of the KDWB music blows.

This weekend I am super excited to have both Friday and Saturday nights free from DJing, although I do have to DJ a wedding ceremony/dance Sunday. Not only am I the DJ, but I am scheduled to walk up to my place at the alter with the groom.  Front and center, baby!

I promise not to follow this wedding DJ’s lead and violate some poor random woman.