Mother’s Day was of course on Sunday, and Lauren and I headed over to her sister’s house for brunch with the Poulter family.  Lauren worked hard that morning to prepare a delicious blueberry breakfast tart, and it was my job to hold this tart on my lap as we drove a couple miles to the Rosoks’ house.  I noticed the tart was extremely hot, and kept lifting and re-situating it on my lap.  Eventually it got so hot I figured something was wrong, so I looked down and saw my pants and the car seat covered in scalding hot blueberry filling!  The tart had broken open and I was a bit of a mess.  After returning home for some new clothes and putting my pants and shirt in the tub to soak, we made it to the Rosok house where the tart was still amazingly devoured by the hungry family.  And yes, everyone was aware of my predicament and still thought it tasted fine.

Here’s a random picture showing what fun was had later on during the Mother’s Day festivities. Let’s just say Lauren and I were at Tim and Kate’s house for like… 11 hours or so and it ended with us getting the hell out of there as a fire truck arrived on the scene at 11pm.

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