Back to Normal January Things
We’ve been back from Jamaica for damn near a week now. The transition from 85 degrees and sunshine to 12 degrees and snow/ice/freezing rain has been relatively smooth. I was thrown right back into the fire by DJing a wedding dance my first day home. Since then, I’ve been able to see all the old gang that I had gone so long without seeing. I saw Jason and Andrew at Decoy’s last night for Free Beer Night. I had lunch with Jeff and Nick at Tian Jin yesterday. And we hung out with Walsh and Sarah during that sickening NFC Championship Game Sunday night at Buffalo Wild Wings.

My Wife Likes Cooking
Lauren has been on a cooking kick since we returned home, preparing relatively difficult meals each night this week, and each meal has been equally delicious! She’s even come up with a schedule of everything we’re going to eat a full week in advance, this in hopes of saving money on grocery shopping. One night a week, the cooking will be my responsibility, and it can’t be one of my usual dishes—burgers, stir fry, fajitas, or curry. Lauren wants me to expand my offerings by making something I’ve never tried making before. So if anyone has any good suggestions of something I might not screw up too badly, post a comment!

Work Day #1,000
Friday, I’ll be celebrating my 1,000th day of work at Microboards. This is counting days in which I either came in to the office or was working a trade show, not vacation days, sick days, or weekends. It has been 1,459 days since my first day of work, meaning I’ve had 459 days off in that time, which translates very roughly to 2:1 working days:non-working days. I told my manager earlier this week about the big milestone, thinking he may wish to run out and buy a cake or even champagne for the occasion, but he responded by telling me that if I were counting days in which I actually did some work while at work, the tally would be closer to 200. How true.

Season Opener
I discovered that the only way to get Twins tickets for the first series at Target Field is to enter your name into a random drawing, beginning Friday morning. If you have no interest in going to these games, I urge you to enter your name into the drawing and then turn your chance to buy tickets over to me should your name be selected!

Jamaica Photos
For those of you not on Facebook, here’s a direct link to the full Jamaica photo gallery.

Sporcle Quizzes
I also got bored the other night and created two quizzes on—one asks you to name every Twins player to hit a HR in the 2000-2009 decade, and the other asks you to name every Twins pitcher to record a win in the decade. No, Kirby Puckett and Frank Viola are not on these quizzes.