Online Fighting

Getting in arguments with people online sucks.  You can’t see them or talk to them directly.  I have had a number of incidents over the years, as I’m sure most everyone has, with angry blog commenters or unruly eBay and Craigslist members, and it is difficult to reason with them.

For instance, I remember back on the old message boards there was a guy who wrote in every week under some sort of Yankees name and harassed me and others, especially Cooney.  I think that was probably a friend of mine but I never figured out who.

Over the past couple months I’ve really become addicted to the Sporcle website, which I’ve mentioned many times on here recently.  The other day I created a quiz asking users to name all the Chargers players in the decade to score five or more touchdowns.  Many people took this quiz and gave it high remarks, but one irate user left this comment.

Missing Legedu Naanee, Phil Rivers, and likely more. This is bullshit. Clarify in the title that passing touchdowns are not included as well as defensive players. The fact that current players are missing is troubling and upsetting if you claim to be a Chargers “fan.” Hopefully by the time others take this quiz, it will be corrected. If this quiz was made for your personal amusement, then have fun taking an incomplete quiz that claims to be accurate.  Bullshit.

Okay, simmer down now pal.  This is a fun, meaningless quiz.  The quiz clearly stated to name players who have scored five or more touchdowns.  Naanee and Rivers have not scored more than five, therefore their names shouldn’t be listed.  Thankfully, another user came to my rescue and called out this fool.  I will give this guy credit, however, for his excellent spelling and sentence structure compared to most other message board idiots.

I also had a heated exchange during our wedding planning with a man who went only by “Poopstain.”  I had posted an ad on Craigslist asking if anyone would be interested in bartending our wedding reception.  We would be willing to pay $100 per person plus tips for the night.  Poopstain replied and gave me hell, poor grammar and all.

Your an asshole if your going to pay less then minimum wage for your wedding, these guys are professionals and deserve to be fairly compansated you ignorant prick.  I hope your wedding is a total disaster.  You do not have karma on your side.  Offer more wages/pay or take this ad down immediately!!!!!  It is insulting!!!!

This e-mail came in after 15 people had already responded, begging for the job.  I wrote back and told Poopstain that with tips, each person would easily leave with over $200 that night for eight hours of work, over $20/hour.  And why would I go back and re-post this ad and offer more money after I already had fifteen qualified bartenders respond asking for the job?  Poopstain, who wasn’t even interested in the job and only wanted to start a fight, went back and forth with me a dozen times, and he never let up.

Arguing with people over e-mail that I know in person, however, works in my favor.  I am a non-confrontational person and would rarely yell at someone, and if I did get in a heated argument I’d likely get flustered and not make my point very well.  So e-mail gives me a chance to sit back and form out the perfect letter.  I’ll re-read it a dozen times before hitting send.  Many people, friends or enemies, have received some well-crafted e-mails by me that put me in the driver’s seat or ended an argument altogether.

So anyway, there’s no real point to this post other than to let off a little steam after dealing with that guy from Sporcle.  Do you have any stories like this to share?


  1. I just had to laugh at this guy who self proclaimed himself to be “poopstain”…he pretty much summed himself up with that name! I have had numerous people try to get me to refund their money on ebay. They always have some minor complaint about something, usually clothing, that was “horribly stained” and “unwearable”…there is no way to prove that it was fine when I mailed it, so it’s my word against theirs and they know I don’t want negative feedback, so they hope I’ll give in. Usually I ignore them and they go away…I’d just delete their comments if I were you and keep that blood pressure down!

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