Big Series This Weekend

The Twins are somehow playing a meaningful series this weekend at the Dome vs. the Tigers. They have played well below expectations almost all season, but thanks to a decent showing so far in September and a run of futility by the Tigers, there’s still a glimmer of hope, especially if the Twins can pull off a 3-game sweep. I have been as pessimistic as anyone aside from Nick Sandbulte about this team for a very long time, and was among the first to throw in the towel in August. But here they are, without Morneau, Crede, Slowey, and Perkins, still hanging around.

What if the Twins did make the playoffs? Well, the winner of the AL Central almost certainly will go to New York to play the Yankees, where the Twins went 0-4 this year, losing every game in crushing, heart-breaking fashion. So the prize of winning the division isn’t that glamorous. But to say the Twins were the best of five very mediocre, if not bad teams, is some consolation.

Of course if the Twins make the playoffs, that means two negative things for me. 1) My trip to the Metrodome for the final game October 4 wouldn’t really be the final game. And 2) It would prove to be a distraction during the wedding. Come on, if the Twins are playing a playoff game the day of the wedding, everyone will at the very least be checking the score throughout the day.

I just can’t believe that there’s still a reason to be interested in this team after the season of 9th-inning blown leads and 10-run blown leads that they’ve had. Those lows are so low that they are now historical lows, overshadowing the fact that this team actually has a winning record.

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