DSU, Where Have You Gone?

It’s been four years since I’ve had to prepare to go back to school this time of year, but this is the first time I kinda miss it! After spending a few minutes browsing DSU’s website and watching the live webcam and seeing the nice quiet campus, I’m kinda sad not to be there. When college was in session, Madison was rarely a boring town. There were dozens of friends within walking distance of the various places I lived, and there was always something going on, whether it was karaoke or frisbee golf. I was pretty good acquaintances with many of the professors at DSU too and managed to get myself involved in everything from the drama club to newspaper editor to campus tour guide. There were a decent selection of restaurants in town, and a far superior selection of bars than anywhere the Twin Cities has to offer. Where can I possibly go in this area for a $3.50 pitcher of beer?

But, at the same time, I remember four years ago from right now being very anxious to be finished up at DSU and move on to somewhere more exciting, where I wasn’t wasting my days away doing homework and projects that didn’t matter beyond passing the course. As little money as I have to my name now, I had even less then, as I hoped to save my summer earnings at Valleyfair and make it last the whole school year, plus the $6.50/hour I was making while working 10-20 hours per week at the AmericInn and the $5.50/hour I made as the admissions work study. Especially during that final semester where I just had four classes to finish up, I had nothing to do during my spare time. One can only spend so much time at Lon’s Cocktail without feeling like a raging drunk. And on the weekends, the campus would completely clear out, with the exception of homecoming, perhaps.

But I still miss it some. I think it would be fun to go back for a week or two, but I’d soon remember why I was excited to leave after graduation. It would be nice to be able to have dinner at China Moon tonight and get some softball going with the gang and then hit up some karaoke at Fat Daddy’s. Maybe one of these years I will take Lauren to Madison to a homecoming weekend and relive the glory days!

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  1. I have not missed a homecoming yet. Sarah didn’t like it last year, but I think she would have had more fun with a bigger crowd. Homecoming is overwhelmingly fun to conquer Madison once a year.

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