City Life Proves Rough for One Day

This morning I woke up and headed to the parking lot to unlock my bike from the bike rack and put it in the backseat of my car to take to work.  My co-workers are constantly bringing in their bikes and wheeling them into the office for no apparent reason, so I wanted to do the same.  Only when I got to the parking lot, my bike was gone and my lock was cut clean in half and left lying on the ground.

My bike had officially been stolen.  I had always been a little leery of leaving it chained up outside all the time, but I was told I couldn’t leave my bike on the balcony or even chained up in the basement.  So, I filed a police report and called around to some area bike shops to do some investigating, but I imagine my bike was just one of dozens stolen on this particular day.

So, if anyone sees a purple Trek 820 mountain bike with a yellow Mustard Plug sticker on the frame, do whatever you have to do to knock the bicyclist over and steal my bike back for me.

In some other news, I have been working out still, but switching up my routine considerably.  Monday I went on a 3.5 mile jog around the neighborhood.  I didn’t run or jog the whole way, but it was as good as I’ve felt in a very long time while running.  I think I owe it to my new shoes.  And then today I took a brisk walk to the Metrodome and back, which Google Maps estimates at 6.3 miles.  I am just getting really bored with walking in place on the elliptical machine at the YWCA.

And if you get bored, I am a big fan of this game!  I had one of my own photos come up!


  1. Have you ever seen Seinfeld? They keep their bike in the apartment. Not on the deck or parking lot. They hang it up. It’s Minneapolis! Did you take a wheel off? You can buy bolt cutters at Walmart. Bike locks don’t do anything! Didn’t a past roommate get his bike stolen in Minneapolis as well? That sucks the bike was ripped off! Buy a Huffy! No ones wants them.

  2. As a matter of fact, Kyle Dahl had his Huffy that he won in a Dakota State University raffle in his garage, and it was actually stolen about 3 weeks prior to this incident.

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