My 27th birthday is nearly over, and for the first time in a number of years, it was a pretty laid back occasion.  But very good nonetheless!

The birthday weekend began by taking off work a tad early on Friday and driving with bride-to-be Lauren to the family farm.  We made excellent time and were home by 6:30.  That night, we hung out at the house with Jesse and Kathy, old high school friends.  Much has changed since I last saw the Van Heukeloms.  Jesse is nearly a doctor, they are now parents, and another baby is fast on the way!  But they’ve assured us they’ll be in attendance for the wedding in six weeks.

I reunite with Kathy and Jesse
I reunite with Kathy and Jesse

Saturday, things were sure to pick up at the Glanzer farm with the first of two wedding showers.  Lauren’s parents arrived just before noon, and moments later, the Krogman clan showed up.  I was a good fiance and went along with Lauren to the Carpenter Community Center for the shower, where I was the only non-infant male in attendance.  I am sure surprised many of the women in attendance.

We received quite the nice selection of presents!  But Lauren is traditional/superstitious and will store all the presents until after the wedding before we open and use them.  I wanted to break out that new Foreman grill and rice cooker, but will have to wait until mid-October I guess!

Back on the farm, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Glanzer arrived, as did Grandma Bell, Uncle Stuart, and Kate Rosok.  We had a total of 17 people on the farm for a big cookout, partially in honor of my birthday.  At night, most went to bed, but Ann, Alex, Kate, Lauren, Mom, and I stayed up and played a wildly vulgar “Game of Things.”  You really would have had to be there to appreciate it, but the things coming out of people’s mouths were despicable and, at times, very awkward.  Everyone had a very hearty laugh before bed though.

Dad put me in charge of grilling some homegrown meat.
Dad put me in charge of grilling some homegrown meat.

Then on Sunday, everyone slowly filed out of the house and headed their merry ways.  Lauren and I made it back to Minneapolis, where Lauren purchased me sushi for dinner as we watched the season 2 finale of Six Feet Under on DVD, thus completing my 27th birthday celebration.

Thanks for the gifts, cards, and greetings everyone, including th2 25+ Facebook well-wishers!

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