Which Finger Hits Which Letter

Are you ready for the single most pointless blog post you’ll ever read? I just realized I don’t use my right middle finger to do any typing at all.  By comparison to the other fingers, my right middle finger is in much nicer shape.

Here’s the breakdown by letter.

Q – left middle
W – left middle
E – left middle
R – left index
T – left index
Y -right index
U – right index
I – right index
O – right index
P – right index
A – left ring
S – left ring
D – left middle
F – left index
G – left index
H – right index
J – right index
K – right index
L – right index
Z – left ring
X – left middle
C – left index
V – left index
B – right index
N – right index
M – right index

12 letters – right index
6 letters – left index
5 letters – left middle
3 letters – left ring

space – right thumb
enter – righty pinky
backspace – right ring
left shift – left pinky

How can that be? How can my right middle finger be used for typing none of the letters on the keyboard? My right index finger does basically all the work on the right side of the keyboard.

Now it’s your turn! I want everyone to do the same exercise I just did and report back in the comments.

No, seriously, don’t do it.  It is a bad waste of time.


  1. I don’t have time to do this right now, but I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this post. Many times I am in the closet about my typing because I am afraid everyone except me types properly.

    Quickly observing myself while typing this leads me to think that I use all of the fingers on my left except (rarely using the pinky) and only the index and middle finger on my right hand except when I need to do special keys like Enter, Shift, etc.

  2. You were not taught to type off the home row I assume. You should do some Words Per Minute test to see if your configuration is equally fast as your friends.

  3. a: left pinky
    b: left index
    c: left index
    d: left index
    e: left middle
    f: left index
    g: left index
    h: right index
    i: right middle
    j: right index
    k: right middle
    l: right ring
    m: right index
    n: right index
    o: right middle
    p: right middle
    q: left ring
    r: left index
    s: left ring
    t: left index
    u: right index
    v: left index
    w: left middle
    y: right index
    z: left ring

    the weirdest, I actually completely alternate between thumbs for the space bar.

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