Carpenter Has Suburbs?

Just ran across this online and found it odd.  Can any members of the Carpenter community elaborate on this map?  According to the text size used on this map, Carpenter is actually larger than some of these other area towns.  I’m not sure when they found this map—1896?—but I can assure you the “towns” of Merton, Keefton, Carlton, LaDelle, and Bloomfield do not exist.  And if Merton does indeed exist, how come it gets a larger font than fellow non-existant neighboring town Keefton?

Carpenter, South Dakota Metropolitan Area
Carpenter, South Dakota Metropolitan Area


  1. Merton is a township in Clark County.

    The latitude of Merton is 44.763N. The longitude is -97.675W.
    It is in the Central Standard time zone. Elevation is 1,791 feet.

    The population, at the time of the 2000 census, was 68.

    After your interesting debacle, I’ed my hometown as well. These are either former towns, or recognizable local locations. Example, around Watertown, lists “Tunerville” (Bar and two houses east of Goodwin, household knowledge in the area), “Kones Korner” (Gun shop/convenience store & a house, again common knowledge in the area), and “Alsville” (Extinct convenience store, now hollowed out artifact of an Amaco station.

    I bet your parents will know exactly what these locations are. I am guessing the colonies are hutterite colonies?

  2. Bloomfield…isn’t that by the Wipf’s place on the way to Huron? Pretty sure it used to be a town, right? Very interesting find indeed…

  3. Bloomfield and LaDelle used to be towns…Jordan is right, Bloomfield is where Iky Wipf lived. Merton is a township but I’ve never heard of those other two. If your map had gone a bit further south there would have been Shamrock Colony, too.

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