On Friday night, Lauren and I met up with Jason, Steve, and Patrick at Dan Kelly’s Irish Pub in downtown Minneapolis for a night o’ fun with Patrick before he departed back to Los Angeles. We drank lots of cheap beer and played darts before seeing off Mr. Lynch. Lauren and I took a bus downtown, but ended up walking 2.5 miles home at 1am as we failed to flag down a cab.

Saturday I don’t really remember what happened. We did lots of cleaning and watched lots of Six Feet Under, and at night watched the movie Doubt. For me, Doubt featured excellent acting by Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Viola Davis, but had a storyline that was much better suited for the stage. It didn’t do much for me. It was all dialogue and very little else. I could have listened to it on the radio and gotten just as much out of it.

Sunday, Lauren and I went to the Twins/Indians game. Ho-hum. Another disappointing loss to a lesser team. Another horrible performance by a starting pitcher. More runners left on base, and no one delivering a key hit with runners in scoring position. We watched the end of the game from a suite with Brad Tiela which was our highlight of the day. The Twins are now 2-5 when I attend, and 0-6 when Lauren is there.

Perhaps it is because of Colin Mangold, but my second favorite AL team in recent years has been the Texas Rangers. They’re my kind of team with lots of offense. And this year, they’re actually getting some pitching, maybe thanks to Nolan Ryan playing a part in developing the pitchers. So that should make the next four-game series interesting when the Twins visit Texas. Of course I’ll still be pulling for the Twins, but I really want to see the Rangers win the Wild Card ahead of the Red Sox.

Busy week ahead. Tonight we meet with our wedding bartenders, and I meet with two more potential DJ clients for 2010 weddings. There are already 10 wedding dances on my ’10 calendar. I hope to keep my DJing to no more than 12 events. Tomorrow we are supposed to get our wedding invitations in the mail, and we’re going to do our damnedest to get them ready to mail out by Wednesday. So if you’re in the area and bored Tuesday, come over and help us—we’ll even supply dinner and drinks!

Wednesday is our fantasy football live draft. Yahoo does an excellent job with their free fantasy sports games and even lets you make your own schedule this year. I attempted to lay out a “rivalry week”—me vs. Lauren, Walsh vs. Nick, Alex vs. Calvin, Matt vs. Gillian, and Luke vs. Cooney. Two more spots open if anyone else wants in.