Looking back at preseason picks…

Just a very brief post highlighting how I will finish last in my own baseball pick ’em contest this year!  I had big dreams of a post-season without New York or Boston.

AL East: Tampa Bay Rays
They are in third, way behind the Yankees and Red Sox.  Virtually no chance of winning the East.

AL Central: Cleveland Indians
They are in fourth, six games back of the Twins.  Still just 11 back of Detroit, though.

AL West: Oakland Athletics
Last place for the A’s out west.  12 games under .500, they were deadline sellers.

AL Wild Card: Minnesota Twins
Ha.  Ha ha.  The Twins’ chances of winning their division are far greater than leapfrogging Boston, Texas, and Tampa Bay for the Wild Card.

NL East: Philadelphia Phillies
Hey, I got one!  But the Braves and Marlins are close behind.

NL Central: Chicago Cubs
Not the strong season we expected, but they are within striking distance of the Cards.

NL West: Arizona Diamondbacks
A lost season for Arizona, they are fourth behind the Dodgers, Rockies, and Giants.

NL Wild Card: Los Angeles Dodgers
They’re leading their division, so it would actually take a collapse for them to fall back to Wild Card.

Now here’s where the real fun starts…

World Series: Indians defeat Cubs
It sounded conceivable in April…

MVP: Grady Sizemore and Lance Berkman
Sizemore is hitting .241, Berkman .276 on teams that are in fourth place.  Not happening.

Cy Youngs: Gavin Floyd and Edinson Volquez
Floyd is a so-so 9-7 for the White Sox, Volquez went 4-2 before being shut down with an injury.

The Leader?
I didn’t dig too deep into this, but my brother Alex Glanzer has the league’s top teams, the Yankees and Dodgers, in the World Series.


  1. The Indians in the World Series? What were you smoking? Starting rotation is garbage year after year. Not even a lock in the shitty central. Common, are we even talking baseball? The INDIANS???

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