Good thing we didn’t end up going to Valleyfair tonight. That was the plan originally, as Jeff was leaving us his free tickets. By about 4:00, the skies grayed up a little and Lauren decided she didn’t feel that well, so we came home. And she’s been out cold ever since! Can’t imagine VF would have been much fun for her if she’s this tired.

I, on the other hand, wasn’t interested in sleep, so I hopped on my bike and rode all around Minneapolis. I went by our old stomping grounds at 112 W 26th, and what should I see in the front window? Looks like our old roommates found the surprise I left for them in the basement.

Cardboard Roscoe cutout being proudly displayed by the old house's new tenants.
Cardboard Roscoe cutout being proudly displayed by the old house's new tenants.

In other news, the PGA Championship is going on in Chaska, just a few short miles away from the office.  I thought it was kinda funny today to walk outside in the parking lot and see a Goodyear blimp hovering overhead.  Not immediately overhead, but two or three miles away.  I tried taking a picture but it was a little too far away to turn out.  It’s still one of my life ambitions to ride in a blimp.  I am even trying to follow along a little bit with the leaderboard.  Looks like Tiger Woods dominated today.  I wonder where the golfers are staying?

The wedding is now just 58 days away.  As I’ve mentioned before, the only thing we are really stressing out about are the invitations, which are not expected to even arrive here until next week.  Then we still need to address them and put stamps on everything and send them out, so people will start receiving them like two weeks from today.  Doesn’t give people a ton of time to make travel plans.  If you would like to get on the ball early and reserve a hotel room in one of our blocks, go to our wedding website.

I must give some props to groomsman C. M. Walsh, who took charge on organizing the bachelor party, which will take place the second weekend of September in rural South Dakota.  It will be kinda like another Carpenter Bash, except only males will be present and a bus will take us around from one small town bar to another.  I am immensely excited for this event!

Sorry I don’t have 59 photos of children in a lake like Jordan.  I guess I could have taken a bunch of pictures of me and Josh sitting mindlessly in our office all day, but that would be stupid.