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Camping Trip #2
One thing we’d been hoping to do more of this summer is camping.  After failing in our attempt two weekends ago, Lauren and I went to the Wild River State Park on Saturday afternoon, a 59-mile drive north of the city, right on the Wisconsin border near North Branch, MN.  We ignored dangerous weather alerts and set up camp for the night on our rustic camp site.  As usual, I pitched the tent while Lauren got the fire going.  We had a merry evening, playing Trivial Pursuit and cribbage while eating brats and marshmallows over the fire.

And then the inclement weather hit and we were sent scurrying for the tent as the sky lit up with lightning, followed by fairly heavy rain.  Our fire survived for a while longer but soon it was washed out.  Lauren fell fast asleep, leaving me sitting in the tent with quite literally nothing to do.  I was wide awake and had only my phone to entertain myself, so I played over an hour of Scrabble before falling asleep around midnight.  We woke up in the morning and headed straight home to pick up the Rosoks at the airport.

Below 240
As I’ve mentioned before, my weight loss attempt went very well in March and April, dropping me from 268 to 243, but there I stayed for all of May, June, and July.  But yesterday at the gym I weighed myself and was down to about 239!  My initial goal of 235 is very much within striking distance before the wedding.  Some people, including my dentist today, asked what my secret is.  Well, I went from doing literally nothing to occasionally doing something active.  And that’s all!

Kurt Rambis
I am a big fan of the moves new T’Wolves GM David Kahn has made so far, including today’s news that former Laker great Kurt Rambis has been named the new head coach!  Sadly, he has since ditched the thick-rimmed glasses.

The newest Wolves coach!
The newest Wolves coach!


  1. I’m so jealous of your weight loss, but glad it is working for you. Now you and Alex should have a contest to see who can lose the most weight. He has been dropping 4 pounds a week since fearing that he is diabetic. He’ll be going to the dr. soon to have a test, but all signs point that way.

  2. You’re not poking fun at my blog, are you?
    I didn’t think so.
    And it’s not 59 pictures…it’s more like 40.
    Someday when you have kids, you’ll take zillions of pictures of them and then I can tease you, too.
    Glad to see that Roscoe is getting put to use. That’s pretty funny.

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