Not a Week for the Books

Somehow I thought that the two months leading up to the wedding were going to be extremely busy and I wouldn’t have a single weekend free, but here we are this weekend, free as a couple of clams with nothing whatsoever going on!

Last night Lauren and I sat down after work to watch the Twins get beaten by the umpires and Tigers, 10-8.  One of the worst umpired games I’ve ever seen.  The Twins were robbed of call after call, dropping them 5.5 games back of Detroit.  If they lose the next two games, their season is over.  I don’t think they can come back from 7.5 back in 50 games.

It was kind of odd.  Around 8:50, Lauren said after the game she wanted to go to the gym.  I decided I’d swim if we went to the gym, so I went digging around in the bedroom for my swimming trunks.  I came back out five minutes later and Lauren was suddenly very sleepy.  At 8:58, she was passed out cold on the couch.  I’m writing this around 9:30am, and she is still sleeping.  It’s been 12.5 hours!  I guess she was a little tuckered out.

Well, she better wake up soon, because we have reserved a campsite another state park about 60 miles north of here for tonight.  The weather is expected to get sunny and humid this afternoon, but it’s been rainy for the last 24 hours.  I was complaining a few weeks ago about not having a good thunderstorm all summer, but we got a big one last night.  Thunder so loud I jumped up in bed and hid under the covers.  Lightning so close I thought it would strike the metal bed frame in the window.

Other than that, it was a dull week.  I had a co-worker get married on top of Mt. McKinley in Alaska.  A trio of us won second place in a barroom trivia game with Minnesota History as the topic… impressive considering we had only one Minnesotan in the group.  Not much else happened, really.  Certainly not a week for the books.  And I keep weekly books.

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