Hello readers! It has been a couple weeks since I’ve posted anything. Since the calendar turned to September there hasn’t been much noteworthy happening here.

I took Johnny to the final Round Rock Express game of the season on Labor Day, where he had lots of fun stuffing his face with popcorn and snow-cones and had a baseball thrown to him by a player. After a short week of work, I took Johnny and Baxter to the donut store and dog park on Saturday. We kicked off the NFL season Monday night with a family “picnic” in the living room as we watched our favorite teams–the Vikings and Chargers–play a couple exciting games.

Later in the week I started making plans to do a pilot episode of a ridiculous video series that I will soon unveil. It’s been several years in the making and has ties to my old “Reply To Spam” blog. I won’t say any more until it’s closer to reality, but I’ve invested $42 in the show’s production so far.

Thursday, on a whim, I decided to try cryotherapy for some nagging soreness and minor injuries over lunch break. Cryotherapy is where you get in a chamber and they blast -200ºF nitrogen at you from all angles with the goal of localized freezing to treat irritated nerves. Apparently many pro and college athletes swear by it, so I forked over $28 and gave it a shot. It was a fun experience and I felt energized afterwards, but my nagging injuries didn’t magically go away after one 3-minute treatment, nor were they expected to. You really need to do a week’s worth to see those type of results, I think. But I’d recommend checking out Cryo Body Works here in Austin!

A few days from now I’ll be flying to Las Vegas for the big Bart-Stacey wedding! My good friend Bart, of course, is the single greatest connection in my professional network, helping me land jobs with both FoundersCard and Protect America. I’m doing it on the cheap, taking a $115 flight on Allegiant. Thursday night is the bachelor party, Friday is a “recovery/pool day”, and Saturday night is the wedding. It didn’t work out for Lauren to come too. It was either just me or all three, and we couldn’t really justify bringing Johnny to Vegas for a long weekend.

Johnny downs a gross sticky multi-color snow-cone at a AAA game.
Johnny and Baxter explore the Round Round Dog Depot.
Johnny helps me prepare the backdrop for the super secret show we’re producing.
My first experience with cryotherapy. It was fun and exhilarating. You should try!