Facial Turns Disastrous, Bachelor Weekend

Tuesday evening, Lauren persuaded me to go to Aveda Institute to get a facial with her, thinking I would benefit from a thorough cleansing of the face before the wedding.  While it was relaxing and seemed like it could have perhaps been beneficial, the results 24 hours later began to shine a negative light on the situation.  See below.

One eye is not like the other.
One eye is not like the other.

Yes, my right eye somehow developed a nasty sty, which turned infectious.  I suppose there is no evidence that proves this is a result of the facial, but I have had one facial ever, and one day later I develop my only eye ailment ever.  Hmm…

The gruesome details are next, which may make some of you uneasy.  The doctor at the Chanhassen Park Nicollet Clinic flipped over my eyelid and confirmed that the head of the sty is showing on the back of the lid.  If conditions do not improve by Monday, I will need to see an optometrist who will drain the pus from the eyelid. 

The good news?  The two different medications they put me on will not interfere with my bachelor party weekend plans!

Today, I depart from work at 3:00 in a car with the LaPlants and Tim, with at least three other car loads of males from the area.  And Saturday, we expect the locals and people from elsewhere to arrive at the family farm for a day of fun that will culminate (or should I say begin?) with a party bus driving us around the countryside to small-town bars in Willow Lake, Bryant, DeSmet, Erwin, Iroquois, Cavour, and Yale. 

I am wildly excited.  But I will miss Lauren, who, as per bachelor/bachelorette tradition, will not be able to attend the festivities!


  1. Your Grandpa Bell always said that you get a sty in the eye from peeing in the middle of the road. How dare you blame your facial on your eye problems! It is kind of gross, yet fascinating. You know how I am with things like that.

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