Cough, Cough! Weekend a Real Sickfest

Friday afternoon, both Lauren and I started coming down with the very same coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose symptoms that carried over throughout the weekend. At this point I’m not even sure I will go to work in the morning. I’ve got some serious sinus issues and have been sucking on cough drops the last 48 hours.

Despite our illnesses, we ventured out twice this weekend to catch up on the ’09 Oscar Best Picture nominees. Friday night, we went out for sushi at Origami, then took in Slumdog Millionaire in Edina. Despite somewhat negative reviews from movie expert Jason, I thought it was a great movie. Probably my pick right now for Best Picture.

And then today Lauren and I went to Frost/Nixon in Eden Prairie. Despite mediocre reviews from Nick, I again thought it was an awesome movie. I was surprised Frank Langella got nominated for Best Actor for his role as Nixon but Michael Sheen didn’t get nominated for anything for his role as Frost.

So now I’ve seen all the Best Picture nominees but The Reader. I’d have to rank them 1) Slumdog, 2) Milk, 3) Frost/Nixon, 4) Benjamin Button. But any of the top three are very deserving, I think. Benjamin Button to me was just okay… it reminded me of a very slow moving Forrest Gump. We’ll try this week to make it to The Reader.

Saturday night Lauren and I headed over to the Rosok house for their annual Chinese New Year celebration. We had a great time eating Kate’s dumplings and sampling a wide variety of brews, and then playing Tripoley, which we’d never played before. We wound up staying the night, which was a smart move. Thanks for letting us crash, Rosoks!

This morning we also went to church at a Grace Lutheran church right on the U of M campus as we continue our search for a place to hold the wedding. Afterwards we got some Vietnamese from Jasmine Deli.

So it sounds like a busy weekend, but I’ve told you everything we did. There has been a ton of down time in there where I had nothing to do whatsoever. It’s too early to start packing with three weeks to go, in my mind, and I don’t really have that much stuff to pack when it comes right down to it. Once we get moved in to the new place, I am vowing to find some sort of hobby to keep me occupied since I can’t stand having nothing to do.

So for much of the weekend I sat in front of the TV, watching the MLB Network, which, sadly, I found out is not part of our regular cable lineup, but rather a premium channel that we’re getting with the sports package Nick purchased in order to get the NFL Network. I’ll have to think long and hard if I want to spend the money to keep getting that channel once we move out.

The big Alex Rodriguez steroids story came out Saturday morning and that’s all they’ve been talking about all weekend on the MLB Network. I’m not the least bit shocked by the news, but I was hoping the bulk of the steroids news was over and we could just go into spring training talking about baseball instead of court hearings and suspensions and reports on steroids.

Oh, and just calculated by taxes, and I again must fork over several hundred dollars. I can never figure out how to change things so I get money back like most of my friends, who bank thousands every year this time. I am told I’m doing it the right way, getting my money up front. But at the same time it would seem very nice getting a big check right about now.



  1. I have been wanting to see “Slumdog” too, but will probably have to wait for it to come out on DVD as I’d hate to ruin our record for longest span of time a married couple has not gone to a theater together. We’re going on about 12 years now. Try taking some Alka Seltzer Plus for your cold…it always works for me!

  2. 3 things:
    1. I thought Jason said that Slumdog “blew him away”?
    2. The cable sports package also includes Fox Soccer Channel, which Lauren will be pleased to know includes Premier League action.
    3. Do you ever eat “burgers” or “apple pie” anymore? Constantly with the oriental food with you…..

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