Blogging live from Macworld 2009 in San Francisco!  

Very briefly, I’ll tell you about Day 4 of my trip.  I woke up early yesterday morning and took a bus downtown and checked into our hotel.  The other guys running the booth were stuck at the MSP Airport, so I set up our booth solo.  I think I did a respectable job and got most everything up and running.

The rest of the afternoon, I ate some lunch, shopped for shoes, and sat in the hotel steam room.  Eventually my co-workers arrived and we went out for dinner at an Italian place.  I spent a quiet night in the room reading and watching our tiny 10″ Zenith TV from the early 90’s.

The show is still a good 45 minutes from beginning, but we are set up, waiting, and ready to go.  I’ll be able to get online periodically throughout the day, so send me a message and say hello!