On November 8, 2011, I was playing on the Callaway Golf softball team over at Walnut Creek.

In 2012, Eddie, Jeff and I were seen on a typical work day at Callaway.

In 2013, it was a fun night out at an Asian karaoke bar with Lauren’s coworker Jennie and others.

In 2014, baby Johnny met the Rosok and Anderson cousins.

In 2015, a terrified looking toddler John played around at Chuy’s.

In 2018, Bart and I ventured out on our scooters over lunch break downtown.

In 2019, Lauren and I were in attendance for some sort of Tacodeli festival downtown.

In 2020, we put up the Christmas lights extra early, as was the style at the time with people sick of the pandemic.

And in 2021, the final touches were put on the structure of the shed with Dad and Alex set to fly home.

I think the shed photo takes the cake here, but certainly many other treasured memories!