On November 6, 2011, a baby Baxter went sniffing around the High Oaks apartment complex grounds.

Then you have to skip ahead 3 years to 2014, when baby John was doing something cute.

In 2015, a timeless classic of tiny Grandma Bell next to me.

In 2016, Walsh and Sarah were in town to visit and we enjoyed an afternoon at Little Woodrow’s playing foosball with some locals.

In 2017, you will have to go check out this video of me singing the “Who’s the Boss” theme song at karaoke!

In 2018, I must have been working downtown at the Austin WeWork, catching this skyline photo from our office.

In 2019, it was snack time for Edie Jane.

In 2020, Edie was all grown up and climbing across a hot stove.

Who could forget 2021, when Dad and Alex were in town to help build the shed?

And just today, the family went for a hike in the woods at Walnut Creek.

Safe to say there were some unforgettable November 6 moments! I know Mom’s personal favorite is the Betty Bell photo, and the erection of the shed is up there as well.