On November 3, 2011, it appears I was attempting to stage a stock photo of maps or travel for something work related. Fascinating!

In 2012, the Silverado may have needed a jumpstart from the Impala. I could be wrong but that looks like the Callaway Golf parking lot.

In 2013, Lauren and Baxter got some play time in. Oh how that dog used to get the royal princely treatment.

In 2014, while back in South Dakota, I went along to Miller with Dad to visit Granny in the nursing home. She appears to be keeping busy with a word search game.

In 2015, a baby John played in the sink!

Lauren and Baxter were back at each other’s sides in 2016, along with John, hanging out at home.

In 2017 I sampled a variety of craft beers at Whole Foods.

On November 3, 2018, 4-year-old John pouted as we walked down the sidewalk. John would have been roughly the same age there that Edie is today.

In 2019, smiley little sis visited a bird sanctuary.

Astoundingly, there were no photos taken on this date in 2020. And only one from 2021—and it was in the form of a Facebook story. Edie’s missing donut was there all along!

I guess the past decade-plus of November 3s hasn’t been super interesting. We’ll see what the rest of today has in store with John’s baseball game this evening.