Due to the wild popularity of yesterday’s photo post (one comment and rating!) I will continue with another edition today.

On Nov. 2, 2014, John was baptized and the proud grandparents and their seven grandchildren posed for a photo. They thought that might be the end of the kids… nope!

In 2015, baby John appeared to be enjoying a snack at his high chair with some favorite stuffed animals.

Who could forget 2016, the day I brought home this sweet new ride!

Ah, here’s a real gem! In 2017 while working at now defunct Protect America, I photographed the winning team in some sort of Halloween competition. I couldn’t tell you one of their names!

In 2018 infant Edie was doing something cute.

In 2019, a rarity nowadays… the kids sitting nicely doing some artwork! You couldn’t force them to sit and draw now probably thanks to technology.

In 2020 Edie examined a pumpkin, perhaps for the final time before it was discarded.

In 2021, the garage was full of shed gear ready to be assembled.

Wow, again, some real gems here. November 2 has definitely been a major day historically for the arrival of big-ticket items like cars and dwellings, not to mention baby John’s acceptance into the Lutheran faith.