On November 10, 2009, Sarah D and I were out at Nye’s in Minneapolis singing live piano karaoke. Ah, I miss that place.

In 2011, baby Baxter came to work with me at Callaway Golf. Oh, what a pain in the ass he was. He would get loose and run around the warehouse, poop on the floor, or whimper in my lap. It was a bad arrangement, but yet far better than leaving him home in the apartment all day and coming home to destruction.

In 2012, Lauren and Baxter chillaxed after work.

In 2014, we broke into our expensive bottle of wine we had purchased in Napa Valley the year prior.

In 2015, little John got messy eating.

In 2016, I drew Humpty Dumpty.

In 2017, I took a very boring photo of the landscape outside Protect America. Perhaps the low point of my professional career.

In 2018 John and I were messing around with Snapchat filters.

In 2019 John colored a picture!

In 2020 John went for a scooter ride in his Carpenter Centennial t-shirt!

In 2021, little Edie Jane in a sundress ate some popcorn.

Well, there you have it… November 10 has been a pretty low-key day over the years!