Home Projects

On Friday we had quite a day at the house. Lauren flew out to Chicago for a wedding, leaving me alone to tend to a couple big project.s A garage door crew was here for literally 11 hours taking down our old garage doors which were certainly 1984 originals and installing nice new quiet aluminum doors and motors and all the assembly. What a difference! Now the doors actually operate as expected at the push of a button and are almost silent, not rattling the house.

The motor lights are so bright they eliminate the need for the fluorescent lights entirely. The frosted windows means no more would-be robbers peering in.

The other project going on was the window & siding company coming out to measure all the windows, which will be replaced in the coming months. It sure is expensive, but like the garage doors, these windows from the 80s were very energy inefficient. With that also comes new sliding glass doors, something I’ve been yammering for since the day we moved in in 2012.

Summer weather comes to an end

When we woke up Friday morning, it was 77º and another summery sort of day. The kids went off to school in shorts. Around 11am a strong cold front came barreling in and temps plummeted into the 40s almost instantaneously, with strong thunderstorms close behind. We got 1.5″ of rain Friday afternoon and I was forced to turn on the furnace at night with the temp hovering around freezing. We are all excited for the cooler weather’s arrival!

Baseball comes to an end, too

Tuesday is our final game of the season, as the Mighty Mussels try to end on a high note after a very excruciating season full of close losses. Much like the Rockies in the spring, we were in every game and could never quite pull it out, even blowing a 4-run lead with two outs and two strikes once. The teams are pretty lopsided, with two teams well above the other two, but our team of many younger players has battled pretty good.

John has just 3 base hits in 8 games, but has walked many times, stolen many bases, and even pitched five innings with some success. I’m sure we’ll be back in the spring with me coaching another team.