Alright, maybe saying “best” is grossly overselling some of these. They just are photos taken on this date in history.

Today, we went on a hike on a new paved trail not far away.

Hey, in 2021 we were also on a hike on this date.

In 2019 the kids played near my old homemade desk. The last remnants of that desk were just hauled away in the trash this weekend.

In 2018 baby Edie went out to eat dinner somewhere in her carseat.

In 2017, I took a picture of the front of the house, perhaps by accident? Hey they can’t all be gems.

In 2016 it appears toddler John was in the Thanksgiving spirit.

In 2015, John and Baxter scavenged around the neighbhorhood.

In 2014, I hung out with baby John. Nearly fully shaved face!

In 2012 our indoor wiffleball team played a game on a chilly night. That league was a blast!

In 2011 baby Baxter ate dinner at the old apartment.

Man, the quality of these photos in the earlier years is very poor. Those old Androids sure took awful pictures.