November 14, 2021 looks like it was spent zooming up and down Sinton Ln on John’s light-up scooter.

In 2020, John spent $20 on a dog mascot costume at a garage sale and I paraded around in it.

In 2019, I photographed whatever games we had sitting on a shelf.

In 2018, John fed little sis a bottle. Nawww.

In 2017, John and his classmates put on a Thanksgiving performance at North Austin Montessori.

In 2016, I worked on some holiday emails at Callaway.

In 2015, little John crawled through a dog tunnel at the dog park.

In 2014, Randy made some adjustments to the Marketing office at work.

In 2013, Lauren and Baxter did some chilling on the couch.

In 2012… hey, wait! It’s more of the same. We sure had a lot of time to sit around back then.

In 2011, a very happy mutt rolled around in some leaves.

Clearly, November 14 has been an uneventful day throughout the past decade in our lives. One could argue the biggest event was the purchase of a costume!