Late Night Musings

  • The Twins are about to be 32-16.
  • I didn’t love or hate the Game of Thrones finale, but it didn’t seem like it was as good as it could have been. I did agree with the masses that the final two seasons seemed less stellar than the first six. They tried to pack in a bit too much into too few episodes, I felt like. Still, a very good series. The final two seasons weren’t so bad that they ruined the whole show for me, like Dexter did. If I could have written it differently, I just wish Jorah had lived and taken the crown.
  • Right after the GOT finale was the Barry season 2 finale, and that was very good. I am a very big fan of that show. It is a dark comedy; lots of murder, but lots of LOL moments. Henry Winkler, Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, and Bill Hader’s performances in the show are all Emmy-worthy. Really, really one of my favorite shows I’ve ever seen. So surprisingly well done.
  • I had taken over a month off in between episodes of my career path podcast, but not really by choice. It is easy to find people interested in being on the show, but surprisingly hard to coordinate a time and method for them to call in to the show. It was a real thrill for me to record yesterday’s show with an actual well-known baseball writer and author, Rob Neyer. I had been following his work for years on ESPN. I was very surprised how accessible he was, and we wound up chatting for over 40 minutes on the phone. Pretty cool!
  • If you are wondering why I chose do a podcast about career paths, it is because it’s one of the very few topics I found that meets two criteria: I find it interesting, and conceivably anyone could find the show interesting, not just some niche group. Additionally, each episode could stand alone on its own if someone just wanted to learn about one type of career. If you are wondering why I am doing a podcast at all, it’s because I think it’s a fun hobby. And who knows, maybe it will take off someday and provide some modest side income via sponsorships.
  • The Glanzer family is heading to San Antonio for the weekend for a brief getaway at a family resort. It’s not quite the same as last Memorial Day’s trip to the Black Hills, but with a baby it’s about all we could manage. The forecast is calling for lots of rain, but hopefully we’ll get to spend some time in the waterparks and pools. Most of the fun stuff to do there appears to be outdoors.
  • Mothers Day featured brunch at True Food Kitchen at the Domain, a keychain from John and a wine opener from Edie, and a home-cooked dinner from Dad.

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