April was a big month for Edie, as she reached a few new baby milestones. She began sitting with more regularity, scooting around on her back, eating solid foods, and regressing a little on her sleep probably due to a growth spurt. We attended a kids birthday party seemingly every weekend. We hung out with our friends the Allens at our house with a BBQ, the Thompsons at Central Market with a play date, and many times with neighbors Plumpes. I received accolades at work not for something work-related, but a hilarious Game of Thrones video I presented to the company with dubbed voice-overs. I knocked out another episode of each podcast. And even Twins pleased me with their surprisingly solid start to the season. The weather was fairly seasonal—a few hot days, a few rainy days, a few chilly days… mostly nice.

Here is a short visual recap of the month.


It was John’s weekend to take Sally the Swallowtail, the class mascot, home for the weekend and document their fun together.
Some of the ConsumerAffairs team was in town for work. Bart and I showed them some good local BBQ, karaoke, and a Christmas bar.
John and I have started a Sunday morning hiking tradition. Here we are at Emma Long Metropolitan Park.
Lauren and I had a rare grown-up day out after we hired a babysitter. We spent a few hours one Saturday afternoon at Rock Rose at the Domain.
Edie started eating some solids.
Thanks to workplace insurance changes, we were forced to find a new pediatrician. Edie was actually sick the day we went to meet with the new doc.
On Easter weekend I got up early to take the kids to meet the Easter Bunny at Rattan Creek Park.
John and Edie ring in Easter. He is risen indeed!
I bought a window AC unit for my office so I don’t have to blast the central air to cool the entire house all day. It should be a good energy saver.