Our March was highlighted by Steve and Anne’s visit to town to help watch the kids while their school was dismissed for spring break. I had to get glasses, installed two more Nest security cams, celebrated Opening Day with a lot of day beers, and we welcomed our friends Joe, Krista, and Lily to Austin after they relocated from Houston. Here are some photo highlights from what turned out to be a rather cool month here in central Texas.

I chaperoned John’s school field trip to The Thinkery. Here he is freaking out for some reason on some playground equipment. He bawled at least 12 times that day.
On the same day as the field trip, I took the boy to a Texas Stars minor league hockey game at the Cedar Park Center after I won free tickets. He didn’t last more than five minutes into the second period.
Lauren’s University of Toronto friends Jess and Shannon were in Austin for a visit on a very cold day.
Friend overload! We introduced our new-to-Austin friends the Allens to our favorite standby Tex-Mex joint, Jardin Corona. Our neighbors, the Plumpes, also joined in on the fun.
Baby Edie just being cute and chill as per usual.
I moved my office to the garage while Grandpa Steve and Granny Anne were in town. Edie hung out with me for a bit.
Gramps had no better luck than me trying to teach a very impatient boy how to ride his new bike.
Lauren, Edie and John show off their hand-knit sweaters at Phil’s Icehouse.
John and Baxter go for a hike at a local trail.
I took the boy to the Round Rock Express fan fest where we took batting practice and threw some bullpen pitches.
John and Edie pose with the Texas bluebonnets while they were in bloom.
I took the boy to his friend Zoe’s birthday party where she had a petting zoo.
I took the kids out for Krispy Kreme one morning while Mama was sleeping in.
John enjoyed his friend Koa’s birthday bash at the Hop ‘N Happy bounce house.
I had to get glasses after my left eye became blurry after poking it on a sharp plant. They do help me see better.
The kids celebrated Twins’ Opening Day with a bizarre two-headed t-shirt pic.