We did a fun little family excursion down to San Antonio for the long Memorial Day weekend and stayed at one of those family resorts, the Hyatt Hill Country. We got in Friday afternoon and returned home Monday afternoon. Most of the time was spent in the room, it seemed like. This was a fun getaway, but with an infant teething and in need of naps and stuff, it was tough for all of us to do anything as one group.

Not only did Edie’s sleeplessness ruin some of the fun, but I was a big party pooper too… literally! WARNING: graphic content ahead! On Thursday morning I thought I had food poisoning and spent most of my work day in the bathroom with diarrhea and vomiting. I thought I was in the clear Friday, but it returned after our arrival in San Antonio and is still present even now. If I eat anything my whole abdomen immediately clenches up and I hear loud gurgling noises and am in immense pain. And then of course must run to the bathroom. Food poisoning is no longer the culprit, I’m afraid. I have a doctor appointment Tuesday to find out if I have some sort of parasitic infection or something. I can really only stomach water at this point. So, you know, family resort largely centered around swimming plus dad with scary gastrointestinal stuff going on… ugh.

I did suck it up and make it around the lazy river a few times each day, but suffice it to say, between me and the baby and a very tired-out boy. we did not really get to do everything we’d hoped. I couldn’t eat much of anything and certainly had to bow out on most adult beverages. Fairly sickening both literally and figuratively given how much that place cost!  But we still got to do a movie on the lawn, s’mores at the firepit, laser tag, the Lego Discovery Zone, and a hoedown BBQ. I just didn’t enjoy everything fully.

John’s first dip in the lazy river. It was tube or walk or whatever. Kinda a free-for-all.
Trying to enjoy some river time without accidentally diarrheaing in the water.
The kids ordering room service.
Edie taking in Cars 3 on the lawn for movie night.
John visiting the River Walk after a trip to the Lego Land thing.
Mama and baby casually floating down the river.