Inspired by good friend Liz’s Mother’s Day gift from a few years ago, I took Lauren up on her offer to celebrate Father’s Day 2019 with something that on the surface seems very much not in the spirit of the occasion—spending time away from my family with a night in a nice local hotel! Having not had a full night of sleep in 242 nights, it sure sounded great to me.

I was afraid I would feel tremendous guilt leaving Lauren home alone with the two kids while I sat around and did nothing a couple miles down the road, but I was told to just enjoy it! Naturally, Edie came down with a 103º fever that day, so that made guiltlessness more difficult.

The original plan was to check in around 4, wander around the Domain (our local high-end outdoor shopping area), grab some dinner, perhaps a couple drinks somewhere, and retire to the room by 8 to relax in bed, watch some baseball, finish up the final episode of Chernobyl, and be to sleep by 10:30 and sleep straight through til 8:00 or so, coming home refreshed.

I started out with dinner at Gloria’s, and was enjoying a beer at Punch Bowl when my good friend and next-door neighbor Chris showed up, and we proceeded to get a little rowdier at the Domain bars than I had anticipated. Even so, I had the good sense to cut off our fun around 10:15, giving me 90 minutes of hangout time before needing to go to sleep. I woke up around 7, then slept on and off a bit more until 9 before taking an Uber home.

I guess all told it was a fun experience, but I don’t think I got quite as much out of it as some people would have. After all, I am home alone from 8-5 five days a week as is.

Here are some photos from other recent events.

Neighbor Chris and I having some fun on the town on Father’s Day Eve.
Taking in the Mark Chesnutt concert at the Nutty Brown Cafe & Amphitheater. Great venue, great show!
Mark Chesnutt performing my favorite 90s country song, “I Just Wanted You to Know”.
Baby E soaking up some harmful UV rays at 9am before it gets any more unbearably hot out.
Edie and neighbor baby Dani at 8 months, born just 2 days apart.
Johnny with his legitimate bocce ball victory against adults at the Plumpes’ Father’s Day celebration.