Here’s a photo recap of our 8-day journey to Minnesota and South Dakota for Christmas 2018. Thanks to Steve and Anne for the gift of travel!

I know it looks like a lot of luggage, but there are 2 carseats in that mountain.
We took in a tour of US Bank Stadium on Christmas Eve… well worth the $19!
A baby in an NFL locker room
Frame-worthy shot of the kids hugging in the end zone!
Father and baby for the score!
Edie landed just inside the pylon.
At one point we were the only 4 on the entire playing surface… it was quite the thrill!
Cousins John and Theo
John on Christmas morn at the Poulters’
The Poulter family decides on cookies to devour
We were able to see Jordan and crew in an odd twist thanks to crappy roads
A Carpenter sundog!
Johnny and his Glanzer girl cousins were quickly reacquainted
My snowmobiling trip to the Bodker corner
Johnny getting bundled up for 3 minutes of outdoor fun
Aunt Anne takes over game assembly duties
Screen time!
Johnny and the dogs were at constant odds with each other
Uncle Alex shows off his kitty sweater
Johnny passes out presents
Edie meets Gramps
Cousins Adrienne and Edie meet
Grandma Marcie finally gets to meet Edie after narrowly missing the birth
Edie, Hadley and I were all smiles for the holiday season
Everyone was grateful for a white Christmas on the farm!
The snow really picked up
Uncle Alex proudly displays his new niece
Grandma Bell tells an age-old Christmas tale
The Osmo was a hit with all
Grandma and Edie
Hwy 212 on the drive back to MN was horrific.
John, Edie, and their Poulter/Anderson cousins
Lauren and Kate say goodbye after beers at Surly
Time for a quick catchup with Patrick and Charlie at Surly
Bye Uncle Tim!