2018, we hardly knew ye! In this final hour of the year, I bid adieu to the year that featured many changes, travels, pains, and triumphs!

First, the worst…

  • I spent the first half of the year in increasingly agonizing pain with my protruded disc in my neck pinching a nerve that sent constant radiating pain down my left arm.
  • As usual, the sports teams I cheered for either flat-out sucked or were defeated in brutal fashion (Vikings NFC Championship Game).
  • For the first half of the year I continued to loathe my career choice, spending hour after agonizing hour staring blankly into space at a boring industrial park office.

But really, the year was mostly full of positive things!

  • Obviously, we welcomed the newest member of the family, baby Edessa Jane Poulter Glanzer on October 13.
  • A June surgery (eventually) fixed my nerve issue, despite a major relapse due to my own stupidity. I do have to really watch myself, though—one misstep and the pain can come back for a few days. As long as I don’t go diving, wrestling, falling, or engage in horseplay, I’m fine.
  • I switched jobs in September after a former co-worker referred me. So far it seems like the best career choice I’ve ever made. Working from home is all I hoped it would be!
  • We embarked on a successful eight-state road trip to the Black Hills over Memorial weekend, with several interesting stops along the way.
  • I made three additional trips to Minneapolis—in April for a family baby shower, in August for a guys’ weekend, and in December for Christmas.
  • Johnny and I made an impromptu boys’ weekend trip to Dallas over Labor Day for a Twins-Rangers game, a fun night at a hotel, and the Fort Worth Zoo.
  • Bart and I wrapped up Season 1 of our podcast How To Do That, which featured 26 episodes. TBD if there will ever be a Season 2.

Am I forgetting anything important?