Sleeping, Anniversary, Baxter, Royals

Our lives have been pretty ho-hum around here lately, hence the lack of updates. Ho-hum in the sense that we’ve basically just been on the same routine every day for the past few weeks, ever since the Glanzers departed. We’ve got John on a pretty darn good sleeping routine at night where we can get at least a solid 4-hour block of sleep in. The only downside, of course, is that he’s still sleeping on top of us, but it’s such a minor inconvenience compared to him screaming! We usually head to bed at 11, Lauren nurses Johnny to sleep, he wakes up for a feeding around 3 and is back asleep by 4, and he wakes up again when I get up for work around 7.

This past Saturday, Lauren and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary with a night out. It was our first time leaving the baby with a sitter, so Lauren was a little teared up. But the Megos did a fantastic job watching the little guy (and the beagle). We enjoyed pre-dinner wine at Wink, and then a quality steak dinner at Austin Land & Cattle. It was expensive, but when you take into account that we don’t eat out ever anymore, it was affordable! We forgot to take a picture of ourselves all gussied up. My gift to Lauren is pictured below. She got me a book.

Baxter continues to be ignored greatly and has been acting out with peeing on the floor, digging in the yard, destroying his bed, and tearing through the house with muddy feet, but we caught wind of a “Paws & Pucks” promo at the Texas Stars minor-league hockey game on Saturday and may venture out to the game with the whole clan.

In other news, we’ve watched a ton of sports on TV of late. At least 3 NFL games on Sunday (12, 3, and 7:30) as well as Monday and Thursday nights, plus most all of the American League playoffs. I am truly surprised the Kansas City Royals are going to the World Series. If the Twins can’t make it, I guess they are the next best team to root for. Midwest, low payroll, small market, perennial losers…

My anniversary gift to Lauren was this framed print of one of Jordan's photos from her trip.
My anniversary gift to Lauren was this framed print of one of Jordan’s photos from her trip.
Johnny wakes up in the morning with a big stretch!
Johnny wakes up in the morning with a big stretch!
Oh, why hello, I'm a tiny baby and I didn't see you there at first but now I do!
Oh, why hello, I’m a tiny baby and I didn’t see you there at first but now I do!

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