The last time I posted I was in the middle of the big scanning project… and I’m still in the middle of the big scanning project. I just worked through a pile of old little tiny 1″ x 1″ square photos from Dad’s side of the family. It certainly is interesting trying to imagine what was going on in certain pictures. Here’s one that is certainly from Granny’s (Dad’s mom) family. I am fairly sure that is a teenage Granny in the center in the dress. What sort of celebration might this have been? Hard to say.



In other non-scanning news, we are busy raising our little Johnny Colfax. He turns 6 weeks old tomorrow. Lauren has been doing an admirable job of getting through the day with him one-on-one. They’re mostly confined to the house, but Lauren has made it out a couple times lately. I’m getting home from work and am sure to get my share of baby time as well. For posterity’s sake, here’s what’s going on with the baby right now.

  • He’s sleeping through the night pretty well most nights. Lauren nurses him to sleep, usually around midnight. He typically lays on top of me, as I’m a back sleeper and rarely move or jostle at all. He is up every 3 hours during the night for a feeding, and then I go make a bottle of supplement and feed him and then we all go back to sleep.
  • He’s not much of a napper. As I mentioned on Facebook, I will swaddle him and carry him around the house, bouncing him while singing country songs and TV theme songs. He typically will fall asleep and nap briefly after my performances.
  • Most of the “tricks” we have used to get him to sleep were either flukes or he’s too smart to fall for them. The blow dryer, vibration on the swing, radio static, clothes dryer… those things don’t usually do anything for him. The 5 S’s described in Happiest Baby On The Block… nope, nothing.
  • He’s been flashing a little smile here and there. Lauren brought him to my office last Friday and he took an immense liking to one female co-worker and just stared and smiled at her. I’ve got him to smile a few times by making crazy noises or whistling.




In non-baby news, Friday is our 5th wedding anniversary! Lauren and I plan to go out and celebrate a little bit on Saturday with a dinner out. Our friends the Megos have graciously volunteered to babysit and dogsit for several hours.