Three years ago today, I arrived home from work to meet a little four-month-old beagle that Lauren had purchased earlier that day. Through the next few years, practically everything we did revolved around that dog. Here’s one of my fondest moments with Baxter–the time we ran the Rattan Creek 5K together! And then Baxter posed perfectly for our photo at the finish line.


It is sad to say, but the baby has in fact changed the way I have looked at Baxter the past 3+ weeks. Before baby Johnny came along, Baxter was like a son. Now that we have a real human son, Baxter finally feels like the pet that he is. I used to worry sick about Baxter being stuck in his crate and would make a 30-mile round trip home over break to let him out for a pee break. Now, I’m merely feeding him and making sure he gets in a brief walk to the mailbox each day. There has been no extra energy for chasing him in circles around the dining room table, and my patience with him taking up 43% of the bed is at an end. He’s still a good pup, but he has (for good reason) taken a very distant backseat of late.

We were able to get out and do some exploration this weekend with the baby… and yes, even the dog too. Saturday morning Lauren, Johnny, Baxter, and I all walked about 2.3 miles to the neighborhood park where an annual festival full of annoying vendors was set up in the park. It was obnoxiously muggy, but it was nice to put the stroller to use and get all of us some exercise. Hours later, we went back out for our first meal out… we sat at neighborhood tavern Little Woodrow’s and ate some Chipotle takeout while Johnny napped in the stroller. Baby’s first bar, awwww. And at night we ventured over to the Megos for dinner.

Tonight, Johnny will get to meet Grandpa Dick, Grandma Marcie, and Aunt Jordan for the first time! He’s so excited he just might poop his pants!