We were excited to learn Johnny has surpassed his birth weight and is up to 8 lbs. 11 oz. I had no idea going in that babies lost like 10% of their birth weight initially and then had to wait a couple weeks to regain it. I was also excited to see Johnny really take to the vibration feature on his swing. Though it’s super loud and buzzing, the little tot sure enjoys it.

In other baby news, he got his first real full bath on Monday night. I expected him to be uncooperative and screaming, but he was calm and agreeable.

Sleep is still spotty at best, but I can deal with being tired during the day. It’s the actual act of being woken up that sucks the worst.

Other recent baby thank-yous go out to our friends the Megos, who brought us Pei Wei for dinner and lent us various baby items including a bath tub! Thanks to our neighbors the Wests for cooking us a delicious pork tenderloin dinner and bringing it to us on Sunday! Thanks to the Chicago Poulters for the baby clothes we received in the mail yesterday! Thanks to Great Grandma Bell for the birth check–the first deposit in little Johnny’s college fund. Thanks to Rob for taking Baxter over to play for the afternoon to give Lauren a break! I’m sure there are others but there has been such an outpouring of generosity I’m losing track.

We are expecting our latest visitors to Austin next week. Mom, Dad, and Jordan are apparently driving down from South Dakota for a few days. Can’t wait to see everyone again… it’s been too damn long! I haven’t seen anyone in the family since our Minnesota baby shower in late April. Jordan, who does photography on the side, will be doing a newborn photo session with Johnny.

Stat of the Day: The Twins are 5-13 during Johnny’s lifetime.