Update: No News

If you came here looking for the latest news around the impending arrival of the baby, I am sorry to report to you that nothing’s new. Lauren, the trooper she is, has hung in there. She’s been in great discomfort and has mostly been confined to the house since last Wednesday. But the end is in sight, as we’ve got an appointment Friday morning to get things moving along. Again, for the latest, follow me on Twitter at @rcglanzer. This way I don’t have to annoy 900+ Facebook friends with updates.

In the mean time, since you took time out of your busy day to come visit this blog, I am going to humor you with a video I took with my new dashboard cam of my drive to work a couple weeks ago, sped up like 3000%. It skips a few times while I was tinkering with settings, but for the most part the drive is in tact.

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