Ryan’s NFL Predictions 2014

Before I forget… Here are my 2014 NFL Predictions. I hope my predictions are way off.

AFC East NFC East
Patriots 12-4 Eagles 10-6
Bills 8-8 Cowboys 8-8
Dolphins 7-9 Giants 6-10
Jets 3-13 Redskins 3-13
AFC North NFC North
Steelers 9-7 Packers 10-6
Bengals* 9-7 Bears 10-6
Ravens 7-9 Vikings 8-8
Browns 3-13 Lions 6-10
AFC South NFC South
Colts 11-5 Saints 11-5
Jaguars 7-9 Panthers 10-6
Texans 5-11 Falcons 7-9
Titans 4-12 Buccaneers 6-10
AFC West NFC West
Broncos 14-2 Seahawks 12-4
Chargers* 10-6 49ers* 10-6
Chiefs 7-9 Cardinals* 10-6
Raiders 4-12 Rams 9-7


Byes: Broncos (1), Patriots (2); Seahawks (1), Saints (2)

Wild Card Round: Colts def. Bengals, Chargers def. Steelers, Cardinals def. Packers, Eagles def. 49ers
Divisional Round: Broncos def. Chargers, Patriots def. Colts, Cardinals def. Seahawks, Saints def. Eagles
Conference: Patriots def. Broncos, Cardinals def. Saints
Super Bowl: Patriots def. Cardinals

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