• This beagle dog that we own hasn’t been given much attention of late. Both on the blog and in real life. The poor bastard’s daycare has been booked solid all summer, so he spends his days crated, and often it’s far too hot to run him after work. But, he is alive and well and is currently pressed so firmly into my side that I’m not sure if he’s a dog or my colon. And his mother is eating a fricking ice cream sandwich five feet away! What’s his deal? But I will say that ever since we moved his crate into the living room, it solved every single problem we ever had. He loves it in the living room.
  • Lauren and I are currently buzzing through Parks & Rec on Netflix.
  • Colleagues Brian, Greg, Josh, Snake, and I were the second ever customers at the new Austin BBQ joint Slab, which opened today. By going on break at 10:40am and being the first ones in line, we were given cool t-shirts! The BBQ was legit, though it was all in sandwich/wrap form and not plates of meat like most places in town. Their specialty is Carolina pulled pork, and their specialty 1 pound sandwich The Donk consists of chicken, rib meat, brisket, pulled pork, sausage, jalapenos, pickles, onions, and queso… Josh ordered that and lived to tell about it.
  • The 9 runs the Twins scored in the eighth inning on Sunday was the most I’ve laughed in a long time. As horrible as the Twins have been, the White Sox bullpen was hilariously awful. 15 ER by the bullpen in one game? Jose Quintana left after 5 innings with a 3-1 lead and then lost 16-3. Fun for one day, anyway.
  • Tomorrow it’s off to the dentist to see what to do about a tooth that cracked five months ago while eating a kernel of popcorn at karaoke night at The Common Interest.
Yeah, I totally won this shirt by being the second EVER customer at Slab BBQ. EVER.
Yeah, I totally won this shirt by being the second EVER customer at Slab BBQ. EVER. No one can take that away from me.