Last night I played in what should be my final softball game for a while, as Callaway went down in defeat, 14-7.  We didn’t seem to have the umpires on our side from the get-go, possibly due to several profanity warnings issued, but there were some glaring calls that went against us.  In the third, we were about to get out of a bases-loaded jam when a guy hit a routine grounder to short. Our shortstop fielded it, underhanded to second where it was caught cleanly, and–SAFE!!! Now I was the first baseman so my view was blocked a little, but everyone on the field–baserunner included–assumed it was an out by several steps. One of those kinds of nights for the old Callaway squad! As has been the case all summer, when I hit the ball hard it’s an out. When I hit a little nubber off the end of the bat five feet out in front of the plate or pop up weakly to short right, it falls in for a hit. So I was 2-for-3 with 2 runs scored, my hits being a grounder to short and a pop-fly behind first. The out was a scorching line drive to the gap in left.

At work, I have been busy with the launch of our latest product line, the Big Bertha V Series… it’s our fastest Bertha yet! In fact, I produced this fancy little animated gif for today’s e-mail. By the way, if you aren’t subscribed to the Callaway Golf e-mail list, you’re not seeing all of my hard work every week!

BabyWatch ’14 countdown is now down to single digits. There’s little news on that front, just that everything is still normal. The first family member is scheduled to arrive August 21 to stay for a few nights and help out, so we’re at least hoping the baby is born and we’re home settling in prior to that!