At the behest of many Facebook friends, Lauren and I set out this weekend to eat out at some fun places because we can still do so uninterrupted. For lunch Saturday it was the best Italian beef sandwiches in town from Lucky Dog. For dinner, it was Austin’s hottest Thai spot, Titaya’s. And first thing after waking up this morning we marched up to Georgetown to Monument Cafe, which has been ranked as one of America’s top 10 cafes. Everyone told us “you need to go out to a nice dinner one last time because it will never be the same again!” which I guess is possibly true, but I see our friends the Megos routinely go out to restaurants with a 1-year-old without much issue.

Titaya’s has amazing Thai food–some of the best you’ll find anywhere–but our experience there with the wait staff was rather poor. I always hate it when someone who sits down after us gets served first (see our visit to Joe’s Garage, Minneapolis for an extreme example). This was a pretty similar experience. A table who was seated several minutes after us had finished eating, paid their bill, and a new group had sat down before we ever got our food. And then they brought Lauren the wrong order so we waited an extra twenty minutes for it to arrive while my food sat and got cold. When I review them on Yelp I’ll definitely dock a star or two for that, and as an Elite Yelper three years running, my opinions are highly regarded! The food was still top-notch, however, I can’t take anything away from that.

Other young parent friends have also been suggesting we just hang out in a quiet house or catch up on sleep, which has also been on the agenda for the weekend. I am not much of a napper, but I did decide to doze off for two hours yesterday afternoon.

Beyond that, the countdown is on… the due date is one week from today, though many have suggested to us that with the first baby, Lauren will go over.