Here are five thoughts on this Tuesday night.

1. Whenever the baby arrives, the first nine hours I spend with him/her will surpass the total amount of time I’ve been in charge of a baby ever. I can think of just three times where I was at least partially in charge of watching an infant for any amount of time. In 2003, Jordan and Calvin left me alone with Peyton in their Vermillion apartment for a couple hours, and she screamed the whole time. In 2008, Pete and Sarah left me and Lauren with baby Abby for 3-4 hours, and she screamed the whole time. And in 2014, Brian and Kristin left baby Lexi with us for 2-3 hours and she screamed the whole time.

That’s it. Those are the only three times I’ve ever been responsible for a baby, and two of those times Lauren was there basically doing all the work. So really only one time ever have I been solely responsible for the well-being of an infant and that was 11 years ago. This will truly be a learn-as-I-go sort of thing.

2. I go to San Francisco next week for an e-mail conference. It took me a long time to decide whether or not to go. It’s exactly one month before the due date. If it had been one week earlier, I’d have had no issues deciding to go. If it was one week later, I’d definitely have stayed back. But it was right in this gray area where I couldn’t decide. Aside from learning all about e-mail marketing stuff, I may get to meet popular music artist John Legend and go to a private B-52’s concert. I’m also intrigued to fly Virgin Airlines for the first time because of this awesome looking blue and purple tinted cabin.

3. I usually make a point to watch every All-Star Game, but this year I’ll be totally blocking off the schedule Monday and Tuesday to watch every televised All-Star event. Believe me, if we were still in Minneapolis, I’d be taking several days PTO and taking in every last thing. But, as it is, I’ll have to settle for watching from afar. I am super jealous of the many friends I know who will be there for parts of it! But also happy for them.

4. I wound up ordering 16 old Sesame Street books online, many of which were as little as 1 cent + shipping. Today I got “Ernie Gets Lost” and read it cover-to-cover, proving I can read books… as long as they are intended for young children and wrap up quickly and tidily with plenty of colorful illustrations. I still wonder about Ernie and Bert’s relationship. Ernie is clearly a child who needs neighbor Maria to take him shopping and hold his hand, yet he and Bert live together and are merely friends. Where are their parents? Or is Bert older and a legal guardian? I guess it’s up to each child’s imagination.

5. I am currently watching the Twins/Mariners game and drinking a Sam Adams White Lantern beer. It is 11:08pm. Good night.