Ab Workout, Socializing, Guest List

At least three days a week, I generally work out over my lunch break at the small office gym. I typically just get on the elliptical machine and run for 37 minutes or so and then shower, eat lunch, and get back to work. But Friday I switched it up, joining co-workers Randy and Jenn for an intense 15-minute ab workout. I definitely used some muscles that don’t see much action, and as the weekend went on I progressively got sorer and tighter. By Sunday morning I couldn’t walk normally. I was all hunched over and waddling around Whole Foods. It was more my upper thighs than abs that got the brunt of that workout. The pain didn’t stop me from walking/jogging Baxter all the way to our friends the Viviritos’ house, a 6-mile adventure, on Saturday morning.

In other weekend fun, our friends the Megos surprised us by bringing over lunch on Saturday. Later that evening, a bunch of us met up at the Viviritos for a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit. And Sunday I ventured way down south to friend Chris Willoughby’s 36th birthday poolside grill-out. All told it was one of the more social weekends we’ve had in a while.

It doesn't look like it here, but we were actually having a lot of fun and all but the two pregnant women were enjoying a few adult beverages.
It doesn’t look like it here, but we were actually having a lot of fun and all but the two pregnant women were enjoying a few adult beverages.

As we get closer to the baby due date, one thing we must figure out is a schedule for visitors! Since we chose to live so far away, our family and close friends can’t just swing by the hospital on the way home from work and meet the baby and then go on their merry way. Any visit will have to be carefully coordinated and planned well in advance and last a few days to make it worthwhile. While we’ll welcome all visitors from afar, we’re also trying to be careful not to have everyone here at the same time, and to give us a little time to settle into a routine first. It’s a weird situation to have to deal with, something we never would have thought of if we were still in Minneapolis.

In other baby related news, Lauren is amazingly well prepared, as she’s spent the past couple weekends preparing dozens of different meals in bulk for freezing to save time later on! I’m also very surprised with her amount of energy. She’s been waking up for work at the ass crack of dawn, an hour before I get up–and I’m usually the first one to work at Callaway. For as early as she’s waking up, she isn’t napping or going to bed very much earlier than me either.

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