Baby classes are finished! Lauren and I went to our last Tuesday night class tonight and said farewell to our instructor, also named Lauren, and dozen or so fellow pregnant couples. One man from the class showed up as class was starting telling us he was upstairs with his wife, who had just given birth, a few weeks early. He said the classes paid off. During these excruciatingly long Tuesdays when we’ve had class after work, we have been out of the house from about 7:30am – 9:45pm, leaving Houndi Roundi home alone for a very long time. Thankfully our friend Bobbi Jo has been able to stop by during the day and play with Baxter for a while, so we are very appreciative of her for that!

I baby-proofed the Impala yesterday by purchasing some new tires. Fearing the worst with a pregnant Lauren speeding down Mopac and having a tire blow out, I opted for the highest rated tires there were, having a pair of heavy duty Yokohamas installed. Yes, we are still in the market for a new vehicle, but we have continued to put it off for various reasons. We feel like going in on the last day of the month would be smartest, hoping maybe salesmen will want to meet a monthly quota or something. If not then, there’s bound to be sales over 4th of July.

I was strangely excited when I briefly injured myself while running Monday evening with Baxter. I was walking, and the first step I took running felt weird and then painful on my inner thigh. I tried walking it off and it felt fine, but every time I tried to run it flared up again and I felt a jolt of pain in my groin area. I was happy momentarily, thinking that this groin pull injury would be a legitimate excuse to keep me from running, something I battle with every single time. Since I started keeping track on June 23, 2013, exactly a year prior to that run, I had run 347.22 miles over 138 sessions. It seems like a decent amount but that’s less than a mile per day, and running only like 1 in 3 days. And over the past year my weight has gone up, so who knows what benefits, if any, there have been.