mon001One thing I am looking very forward to with Tiny Baby on the way is revisiting all the old books from my childhood! I grew up on a bunch of Sesame Street books, Little Golden Books, and Berenstain Bears books. I don’t know what is recommended or suggested, but I will plan to start hammering through as many kids books as possible long before the baby can understand what’s happening. That’s because I’ve been looking for an excuse to read these books for years. The sad thing is, as much as I adored these sorts of books as a youngster in the early to mid 80s, I never really advanced much beyond them. I didn’t do very much reading in the later grade school years, virtually no reading at all in high school or college. And to this day I very rarely sit down and read a book. I just don’t have the attention span for such things. Maybe it’s due to my thorough enjoyment of these incredibly short, simple books that are all tidily wrapped up in ten minutes.

So, if anyone reading this is looking to unload a bunch of kids books, look no further! I’ve been eyeing various ebay auctions for lots of lots of books.